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VIP Early Access? You Can't Miss This Guideline

VIP Early Access? You Can't Miss This Guideline

Hey, O Fans,

Look here!!

    VIP Early Access is coming~ 

But what's it?

VIP Early Access means accessing to the customers who are in the level of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond! They have the earlier access to every flash sale than others!


VIP Early Access: From 2021/9/23 20:00:00 EDT

***September Flash Sale is also a carnival for O fans! 

More than 40 new products

All shipped by FedEx

 FREE i1R2 keychain flashlight

***FREE i1R2: (make sure you have logged in), click here~

Take a look at the new products~

*** Besides, you may be interested in:

Customized T-shirt (XL,XXL): O coins to exchange in REDEMPTION ZONE, only for Platinum, and Diamond

Log in Daily      +100 points per day

Share your story to win FREE bag or flashlight! 🔗Click here to join in

Have a lucky draw twice a day to win Coupon or FREE flashlight! 🔗Click here to join in

Coupon Code(For ALL): OFAN5


 FREE Refill for Open 2 and Open pro

CAD$1 Baton 3 Holster and Tactical Finger Grip🔗Click here to view

Sep 22, 2021, 18:00:00
How to Save Money:  5 Super Saving Tips!

How to Save Money: 5 Super Saving Tips!

How to save money: 5 Super saving tips!



Hey, o-fans~ Are you ready for the O Fan Day and Flash Sale?

Here are some great points for you if you need.

We are sure that you could get many surprises and exquisite new releases on this sale.

Let’s take a look together !!!


First, after log in, we kindly let you know that everybody could get FREE i1R 2 from Sept. 23rd to 30th on this sale.


*O Fan Day Period


VIP Early Access: 2021/9/23 20:00:00 EDT

O Fan Day Sale: 2021/9/26 20:00:00 EDT

End Date: 2021/9/30 23:59:00 EDT


New Comer - Coupon Senter (Register an Account and then come into ‘My Account’)

Over 99 Save 10

Over 59 Save 5


O Fan Day Activity - FREE GIFTS



Daily Lucky Draw Activity

Log in to get 2 opportunities to make a spin, then you may get a FREE ...


Seeker 3 Pro Desert Tan


i5R Cu


Omino White


Obulb MCBrick RedOrange


O Fan Day Coin


O-Point 50



Olight Story Together Sharing Activity

Sharing the meaningful story with us and then you may get FREE ...


Participate deserved: Olight Bag


Seeker3 pro Orange


Open Pro Orange


Obulb MC Orange





O Fan Day Sale


UP to 50%

FreyrBK +Obulb MC BK Purplr Osling

Freyr BK +i5R BK

Odin turbo BK Bundle Obulb MC BK Purplr Osling

Odin turbo Desert Tan Bundle Obulb MC BK Purplr Osling

Baldr IR + Obulb MC BK Purplr Osling

Baldr RL BK + Obulb MC BK Purplr Osling


UP to 45%


PL-Mini2 ODG+ i5R BK

RN 400+ Seemee 30+ Array 2S BK



UP to 40%

Baldr Pro MIdnight Blue +  Obulb MC Brick Red White Osling

Baton3 White + Obulb MC White White Osling

OPEN PRO Purplr + Obulb MC Orange Purple Osling


Warrior X Turbo Grey Camouflage + I5R CU

S2R II White + Obulb MC White Light Blue Osling

Olantern mini Antique Bronze+i5R CU

Perun mini KitYellow+Obulb MC Orange Orange Osing




Seeker 3 Pro Desert Tan (Limited Edition)

Omino Orange + Obulb MC BK+ Obulb MC White + Obulb MC Orange + Obulb MC Brick Red Pink Osling

Warrior X Pro White (Limited Edition) + Obulb MC White Light Blue

Marauder 2 Antique Bronze + OLANTERN Mini Antique Bronze

Marauder 2  Desert Camouflage+ Perun mini Kit Yellow




UP to 30%

Baldr Pro Midnight Blue (Limited 2021pcs All over the world)

Warrior Mini 2 Desert Tan

Baton3 White (Limited Edition)

OPEN PRO Purple (Limited Edition)

OPEN PRO Orange (Limited Edition)

OPEN PROTi (Limited 9999)

Array 2S BK

Warrior X Turbo Grey Camouflage (Limited Edition)

S2R II White (Limited Edition)

S2R II Lava Camouflage  (Limited Edition)

Olantern mini Antique Bronze (Limited Edition)

Perun mini KitYellow(Limited Edition)

SWIVEL Moss Green

Baldr S Matte BK

Baton 3 Dragon and PheonixLimited 9999



Big Pack 45% OFF

Open Pro Ti+Baton 3 White +OLANTERN Mini Antique Bronze +i5R CU

Omino Orange + Seeker 3 Pro Orange + Open pro Orange+Obulb MC Orange *2 Orange Osling

Omino White+Obulb MC White+Warrior X Pro White+ Baton3 White+S2R II White Light Blue Osling

Facebook Activity -- Code & Coupon


Ocolor Activity on Facebook


Come to our group and see more details in it.


Ocolor Giveaway:  2021/9/21 21:30:00 EDT ~ 2021/9/30 23:59:59 EDT

Get ** Code forOver 100 Save 10


Live stream:   2021/9/22 21:30:00 EDT & 2021/9/24 21:30:00 EDT

Get ** Code for (Over 50 Save 5


Sep 22, 2021, 21:00:00
Olight O-fan Day 2021 – Our Story Together!

Olight O-fan Day 2021 – Our Story Together!

This year, the enthusiasm for Olight flashlights brought us to make a great celebration for our fans. After several months of our Olight team's efforts, there is going to celebrate our first O-fan Day in Canada, which will become an Olight tradition to deliver our sincerest thanks and appreciation to our O-fans.


Online Party & More Surprises


This year, albeit we are thousands of miles apart and O-fan Day will be celebrated online, we believe our O-fans across the oceans will still feel how much we care about the friendship between us, and how determined we are to continue to bring you surprises and happiness. To honor some of our O-fans who have profoundly contributed to the prosperity of our tribe, Olight will officially live stream an award ceremony at 21:30 pm EDT, September 24th. A series of activities will also be launched as early as September 16th at 9:00 pm EDT to reciprocate the steadfast support and trust of our O-fans. For example, by signing in for the event via www.olightstore.ca each day, visitors will be able to try their luck with the online roulette and excitedly expect a bunch of gifts and benefits during the event. Also, don’t forget to share your Olight story, following the instructions on the page, where you will be able to score an amazing EDC pouch for free.


New Release & Flash Sale


For our O-fans who would like to update their outdoor gear or further complete their Olight collection, we are incredibly excited to announce that from September 26th at 8 pm EDT to September 30th at midnight EDT, a 4-day long flash sale will be launched for you to score as many discounts as possible! New products, including the latest flashlight intended for outdoor application and foldable work light with a minimalist design are sure to exceed expectations.


In addition to all the tips and hints shared above, there are still many surprises for you to explore during our event. Whether you are new to our tribe or not, you will become part of the family as long as you share the happiness and excitement of our O-fan Day. Be there or be square, Olight O-fan Day!


Sep 15, 2021, 09:00:00
Do you need me to keep your Olight Lights a Warm Home~

Do you need me to keep your Olight Lights a Warm Home~

Hey, my name is Onimo.

Do you know who I am?

If your answer is not, I will introduce myself to you one by one.


》》First, I am a helpful partner of the Olight lights

Yes, as you can see, I am not a light but necessary for my friends.

Can you see me?




》》Second, I am not only a charger, but also get some special functions:


* 4 Magnetic Charging Ports: 

For charging up to four Olight devices at the same time




* Easy Connection: 

Connects through USB charger with widely available USB Type-C cable




* Durable: 

High quality with robust aluminum bottom board, durable PC+ABS body, and anti-slip base mat



* Widely Spaced Outlets: 

Ample space between each port to reduce interference



》》Third, I have some limitations, because I am still so young and need to get improvement in the future.


* Due to size differences, I CANNOT charge for Olantern Series
* I am compatible with Olight flashlights charged via MCC 1A and MCC 3

* Non-Compatible Olight Products:

Olantern Series, PL-Mini 2, Baldr Mini, Baldr RL Mini, Valkyrie IR, Baldr S, Javelot Pro, and other Olight products not using the magnetic charging system.





》》Fourth, I have some warm information to you if you need. As you can see, I get 4 Indicator lights for my friends and they can know when I say Red, they still need to get more energy and wait for some time. If I say Bingo, Green, it means you can get ready for the next task at that time.






So ~ this is me. Although I am not a light, I keep them warm and full of energy.

Are you proud of me?


 Olight Omino Black


Some of the pictures are from our nice fans, please feel free to contact us if you do not want to show your pictures on our website.

* cs@olightstore.ca



Sep 02, 2021, 05:09:00
Some Tips of August Flashsale from a Economical Buyer

Some Tips of August Flashsale from a Economical Buyer

Aug 30, 2021, 09:05:00
Only for your Summer Camping - Giveaway

Only for your Summer Camping - Giveaway

Aug 27, 2021, 23:10:50
12 New-release Products, Up to 40% OFF in August Flashsale!

12 New-release Products, Up to 40% OFF in August Flashsale!

Welcome to Olight Canada, this is a brief flashsale guide for you. 

You couldn't miss all the surprises we have prepared. 

A Worthy Collection: X9R Cell  

In August Flashsale, there are not only the discount up to 40% OFF

but also a FREE gift X9R Cell, you could get one by adding to cart per order. 

12 New-release Products

1. Four elements(Water+Air+Fire+Earth) Warrior Mini 2: 
Worldwide Limited Version+Titanium Material+High Performance


2. Open Pro Blue/Black:
2-in-1 Penlight+Blue Limited Edition+Use in Multiple Scenarios

3. Marauder 2 OD Green:
Powerful and Secure+OD Green Edition+Up to 40% OFF

4. Omino Flashlight Magnetic Charger:

Four Magnetic Charging Ports+ Widely Spaced Outlets+Easy Connection

5. Both i3T Orange and i5T Blue are limited.

6. Olantern Mini Grey is one popular light during summer sale.

There are also many varied bundles which save up to CAD$287.96 to meet your different needs.

New Tier Gift

≥CAD$129 Get i3T Black (MSRP:CAD$25.95) For FREE
≥CAD$279 Get i5T EOS Stardust + Obulb Red (MSRP:CAD$71.90) For FREE    
≥CAD$429 Get Gift Card (MSRP:CAD$100.00) For FREE

Other Ingenious Events▼

1.Daily login can get 100 points everyday from launch day(24th Aug)to the last day of flashsale (31st Aug)
2. Fan-voted Pack: Olight Canada will launch a bundle which is voted from fans on Facebook
3. There is a live chat show on 30th Aug on Facebook, 
click here to view more
4. Coupon code, facebook giveaway, and so on.

Event Schedule (EDT)
8 pm 27th Aug - VIP Early Access Starts
8 pm 30th Aug - for All Customers Starts
8 pm-11:59 pm 31st Aug - Limited 4 Hour Sale
11:59 pm 31st Aug - Flashsale Ends

So which light is your favourite? You could review below to tell us.

  The brief flashsale guide is ready for you and we will see you during August flashsale.

Aug 26, 2021, 03:00:00

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