odin turbo tactical flashlight

 Professional Rail-Mounted LEP Tactical Light

As a Class 1 LEP light, the Odin Turbo produces a 1,050-meter/275,625-candela beam with nearly no spill, based on 330 lumens of output.

odin turbo Professional flashlight

odin turbo 1,050-meter throw

✔ M-L And PICA Compatibility

Convenient PICA mounts with a mechanical lock, ensuring a quick and sturdy attachment. (M-L rails require an optional M-L mount.)

Odin Turbo convenient

✔ Revolutionary push-to-lock switch

Innovative push-to-lock magnetic remote switch (Utility Patent No.: US10670252B1) for a swift and tight fit with the tail cap.

odin turbo revolutionary

✔ Pocket Sized But Huge Output

Powered by a single customized 5000mAh 21700 battery that is rechargeable via the included MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable.

odin turbo rechargeable flashlight

✔ Multi-function Tailcap

Multifunctional tailcap: magnetic charging, tactical handheld operation, and remote switch compatibility.

Odin turbo Multi-function Tailcap

odin turbo powerful flashlight

✔ Vibration battery alert

Vibration battery indicator activated when the battery level is below 20%. Without a glance, know if your battery level is low.

Power<20% vibrate once every 5 minutes;

Power<10% vibrate once per minute;

Power< 5% vibrate once every 10 seconds.



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